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Cooking tricks: Simple tricks that help you get better at cooking.

I will teach you the tricks that the top cooks are keeping secret.

Make the best recipes and come up with some new food dishes every day, without effort.

Good that you found my website, because I give away free exclusive cooking tricks! It's my hobby, and I teach them with pleasure!

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Also you will learn to cook (better) with the help of some of my cooking tricks.

  • as well when you only have 10 minutes time;
  • have a lack of inspiration;
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  • whether you are the lady of the house, a career tiger or a mássive kitchen idiot.

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Dear kitchen friends,

If you want to make something beautiful in the kitchen out of only a couple of easy tricks, then you have found the right place.

I am Xavy Aap, just like you I am a normal person that has to decide, day after day, what I shall present on the kitchen table. I cook with everyday kitchen tricks that are easily applicable. All of my friends, males and females, find it delicious to come and eat with me.

Also you can do it with a few of my easy cooking tricks. You can start getting developing some new skills even tonight!

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The most people are cooking standard stuff. Cooking without recipes.

When I cook I love to not make it too difficult. Keep it easy! If I want to cook using recipes, I will always have the problem that my fridge is lacking one or two ingredients and which are not available in the supermarket, or I have to cull the whole country. Especially for that I do not have time, in my - generally - busy life.

That is why I often cook without recipes, and I will just get all the tasty stuff from the supermarket regularly, even if I have never ever cooked something with a particular ingredient before. And then, every time I want to prepare some food, I have a look in my fridge and I will combine some of the ingredients that I fancy that time. In that way I always have something tasty within reach and I feel free to invite my friends last minute.

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Exciting combinations with fresh ingredients. Cooking with the help of cooking tricks.

My friends always tell me that I am so good at cooking and that it flows so easily. And that they eat such exciting new combinations, over and over again - that's what they find really special, because most people don't come up with more than some potatoes, veggies and meat maybe now and then accompanied with a sauce. Well, you will seldom see me cooking something out of packages, preferably I cook with fresh ingredients.

I hear you thinking (just kiddin' :-p), that it is probably not for everybody. Well, that is the funny part, I was thinking about it and actually I am only using cooking tricks. And if I want some new ideas or if I really don't know what to cook, then I just look it up on the internet.

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Easy cooking for everybody. Also learn how to cook better by using cooking tricks.

I find it important that everybody - also the ones with limited time, a busy job, kids, etc. - is able to eat tasty in an effortless way. I also want that you learn how to cook easily so that you won't feel forced to eat something unhealthy if you don't want to. That's why I put the cooking tricks that I use all together.

Also you can make up the best recipes, and - like a real chef - come up with delicious and enjoyable food and eat something new and different every single day.

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Cee ya soon!

~ Xavy Aap ~

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★ Kevin: 'Because of your trick I can make breakfast on bed with the most tasty eggs :-).'
★ Hans: 'Last sunday I have made the steak. And... it turned out pretty well if I may say.'