Seductive hot & spicy chocolate gingerbeer chicken recipe for couples that boosts your relationship

Recipe with a sense stimulating ingredients combi

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Chicken in gingerbeer curry recipe with chocolate!

Sense stimulating recipe of which you can’t get enough

On my second day in Australia I had a brilliant idea. I thought it was time to pamper my host, because he was letting me stay in his house.

I thought, I'm going to cook for my host, and how! In a place with incredibly little utilities and ingredients at home to cook something with, I found my way to create this masterful recipe.

The following weeks I have encountered several chefs and I have submitted this tasty recipe - they were all impressed with the recipe and it made them very curious. They were already day dreaming about it and were thinking of how delicious it would taste. Cooks are always looking for recipes that can bring people to a different world.

My host called Pan (From Peter Pan, indeed), who thought that chocolate really would not be a good idea to use in this recipe, got red cheeks when he took his first bite of this amazing combination.

He was actually planning on only taking a small plate, but in the end he grabbed three! And the beauty of it is that this meal makes you so happy, that you don't get the annoying full feeling after eating so much. On the contrary - you want to continue, enjoying beautiful music, listen to each other's stories and never the more going towards your bed.

My recipe video where I show how I came up with this stunning recipe in my host' kitchen.

Why this is one of my most seductive recipes

The flavors are totally in balance in this recipe. The ginger beer adds some bitterness to the dish and makes the chicken more tender. The sweetness of the chocolate softens the effect of the chili. The tomato paste gives just like the chocolate a little bit more body and also softens the spiciness.

The soy sauce is a salty variant, not a sweet one. This causes the somewhat saltier undertone, but also gives a lot of flavor. Peanut butter works great together with the soy sauce and the chili (these ingredients are often used while making a standard peanut sauce), but also combines really well with the tomato paste (think about a tomato salad with roasted peanuts).

The peanut butter does its job well with the chocolate - think of chocolate peanut rocks. So, you can actually combine everything together. The refreshing feta at the end gives the final touch - it makes the dish more exciting.

And then the roasted pumpkin... Because of the added butter and spices, it turns into a delicacy itself. It also colors quite nicely with the rest and together with the green of the pak choi and the white the feta gives, it gives a wonderful contrast.

Nothing can stop you now to serve it for dinner, and enjoy it together with your loved one. I am sure all the senses will be stimulated by this very enticing dish. Try it out!

How you can make this enticing dinner yourself

I have made this recipe with the following ingredients .

A - chicken marinating for at least half an hour, but rather a few hours

  • Gingerbeer with alcohol, almost an entire bottle
  • Chicken Thigh filet, about 800 grams - into long strips
  • Garlic, 3 or 4 cloves - chopped

B - Season roasted pumpkin and in a hot oven (180°C or 356°F) until done, normally half an hour

  • Pumpkin, a whole one - unseeded, with skin and cut into slices of 1 cm thick
  • Gingerpowder, 2 teaspoons
  • Black pepper, 1 teaspoon
  • Salt, 1 teaspoon
  • Olive oil spread or butter, enough to lubricate pumpkin generously

C - Precook vegetables and set aside

  • Pak choi, the white parts into strips
  • Carrot, 2 pieces - into thin slices

D - Bake marinated chicken with garlic, after that add the following

  • Result of step A, drained
  • Soy sauce (salty), 1,5 to 2 tablespoons
  • Peanut butter, 1 tablespoon
  • Tomato paste, like for on pizza, about 1,5 to 2 tablespoons
  • Chili powder, nearly 1 tablespoon
  • Milkchocolate, 1 little piece

E - Stir in vegetables until warm

  • Result of step C
  • Pak choi - de green parts into pieces

F - Scoop up and sprinkle

  • Result of step B, peeled
  • Result of step E
  • Feta cheese, a handful per plate - crumbled
  • Salt, less than a pinch per plate
Text and photos made by Xavy Aap.

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