Tantalising spiced up & sexy chocolate fondue that makes people hot

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Spiced up Chocolate BBQ hot & dirty shower together

Tantalising spiced up sexy hot chocolate fondue perfect as a dirty foreplay

Directly after my landing the first week I went to a couchsurfing BBQ. It was held in the park in South Bank, near the 'Brisbane Eye'. Even though this is a main attraction, Brisbane did not have it all, like a beach for example. Brisbane is not on the ocean, but on a river.

To improvise, they built a manmade beach and lagoon, also known as Brisbane Lagoon or Brisbane Beach nowadays. And it actually gets crowded until late in the evening, you can imagine, with lots of drunk people swimming and making noise, because of the pre-drinks in the park.

After I had visited Noosa, I went back to Brisbane for a couple of days, just before my flight to Cairns. I was invited to stay over by one of the attending people at my first BBQ, and if it wasn't for Valentines day, I was thinking about making a video about a very good spiced up chocolate fondue soon...

One day before, my host (his name is Andres) asked me if I wanted to go again to this weekly couchsurfing BBQ, this time together. It's BYO (bring your own), referred to the food and drinks you should take with you, which is by the way quite usual here in Ozzyland. And then it came all together: I would make a chocolate fondue right there at the BBQ, and everyone could taste a bit of it.

And the cool thing is, my host ended up to be my 'cameraman' and his friend Roberto is the funny guy that was trying to interview me. What's better than to make a cooking video about chocolate, outside in this warm weather, with people having a booze and a swim afterwards? I wouldn't know…

And the best thing: chocolate makes lots of people really happy and brings them closer together.

As you can see in the video this chocolate fondue makes people really hot and crazy...

Some chocolate fondue anti-dirty rules you should could take in mind while in public…

Especially for guys to consider... according to my interviewer Roberto while eating chocolate dipped banana:
  • Rip the banana up in pieces
  • Chew the banana faster than you usually chew on things (avoid eye contact)
  • When you suck the banana, you are not supposed to look into other's eyes

In the video you can see what happens if you don’t stick to the rules... And I couldn’t stop laughing when this guy Allan said these legendary words to me:

'Put that meat into that big chocolate pool. Now shove it in your mouth, and look like you are enjoying it. Oh jeah baby, now swallow.'

But what is so special about my chocolate fondue recipe?

This spiced up chocolate fondue has some extra ingredients that boost the flavor to a level that you cannot imagine.

If you ask me, a normal chocolate fondue with only chocolate inside, is a bit boring… So I spiced it up! With things that you would not have thought about adding to a chocolate dish.

So, what did I do...

I started with some coconut oil in a foil tray. Just because I reckon that coconut is a way better combination with chocolate than for example olive oil. Then I added some chili flakes and baked them slowly, so it combines with the oil and brings out the flavor.

Then I mixed it with milk chocolate, because that is just a bit easier to melt and gives a better flavor. To make it more creamy I put in some cream for cooking. Then I added some salt flakes to give it a crunchy texture and to enhance the flavor of the sugar.

At the end I added some cognac to give it a bit of a twist, but you can substitute this with other liquors, as you prefer. We just got the cognac samples at a bottle shop for free because my host was a returning customer, and it gave me the idea to add it.

And then the fun started.

By the way, this is what you will need

  • Coconut oil, 1,5 tablespoons
  • Chili flakes, 2 teaspoons
  • Milk chocolate, 400 grams
  • Thickened cream, about 100 milliliters
  • Seasalt flakes, 3 teaspoons
  • Cognac, or other liquor, about 25 milliliters

Why this is one of the best chocolate fondues to get people going

Because of the added savory flavors the chocolate fondue is not too sweet. It combines really well with other savory flavors. At the BBQ they made chocolate corn, potato chips with chocolate, chocolate meet and even chocolate ginger finger. The last one really got them going.

  • It's fun to make it with more people and chocolate makes them dirty - they might spoil some chocolate around their mouth.
  • People are surprised because you add chili, and they notice that it is not that spicy and actually makes it a bit less sweet. And that's where the salt comes in, to give the sweetness a deeper dimension.
  • The dipping and eating you can do in whatever sensual way you want. With your hands and maybe other’s fingers, there might be some lip licking involved. Just let your imagination run wild.
Text and photos made by Xavy Aap.

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