How do you get rid of that awful garlic smell?

Garlic-Magic-Away-Trick that really works

Posted by Xavy Aap

Food is made to enjoy but some people just worry way too much.

I am talking about garlic.

How do you get that stinky garlic smell out of your mouth after a dinner? Well, I have a solution for that which is a game changer!

Knoflookadem wegkrijgen..

Almost everyone loves garlic but during a date they try to limit the amount of garlic drastically. And it is really something you are missing while eating!

Such a waste actually, cause there IS a way to brush away that garlic breath, without a toothbrush. Like with every trick you need to know the science behind it before you can be a magician.

I will explain:
First you need to know what that bad breath is consisting of, before you can do something about it...

What does garlic smell consists of?

  • Smell that stays in the mouth (on a molecular level it is similar to the smell that skunks produce ☺.
  • Smell that is made in our tummy, 6 to 18 hours after eating garlic (chemically this has a lot in common with rotten eggs.

garlic A remedy that really works against that foul-smelling garlic smell.

Disarm the garlic smell in your mouth

I will try to explain how you can convert the garlic smell molecules (the 'thiols' a.k.a. skunk molecules) directly into odourless molecules. That is the most important I reckon, if you don't want to kill the person you are eating with, or if you still want to go out afterwards.

You can probably think of a type of fruit or vegetable that turns brown if you cut it open and leave it on the bench for a while. Well, the enzyme that makes that happen actually has another useful property. It actually kills garlic smell! So... eat an apple or a salad after you have eaten garlic.

If you want to do it in a subtile way... Just serve some apple salad like waldorf during the dinner... Or a dessert with apple maybe? Usually people eat a salad afterwards anyway. But anyway, it will work even if it has been eaten just for a little bit!

Getting rid of the garlic smell in your belly

The garlic smell that develops in your poor little belly within the next 6-18 hours, are mainly made of sulfides. You know, the smell of rotten eggs. UNLESS... you do something about it!

☞ Solution 1: Eat a spoon of mustard, which works directly against developing that long-lasting smell in your abdomen and intestines area! (Pinch your nose)

☞ Solution 2: What also helps is a couple of sips of liquor, like Vodka or Rum!

☛ My personal solution: Solution 1+2: What I always do: first I eat teaspoon of mustard and after that I take a gulp of Vodka, to get rid of the flavour of the mustard. Or you can 'hide' the alcohol in the apple dessert ofcourse! ☺

So... eliminating garlic smell?

A-la-minute: Eat an apple or a pear, or a salad
The next morning: Eat a spoon of mustard and/or a gulp of liquor.

And uhm, next time you are not asking your date how much garlic you can put in the dinner. You just serve really tasty food and finish with a super tasty dessert with surprisingly, fresh fruit!

Text and photos by Xavy Aap.

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