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Treat dinner with my cat Silver

A little bit of spoiling my cat before I go to Australia

Okay, some of you already know this. And it might have caught your attention that I was a bit busy with other things. In two weeks I am going to Australia!

Who thinks of Australia thinks of sun! And because of this, Down Under (how Australia is often called) has a lot to offer, such as the best surfwaves, beautiful diving areas and georgeous beaches. The next question is already asked way too often: 'Maybe you will walk onto a handsome surfdude', and: 'They are very handsome men, the Ozzy’s!', but also: 'Maybe you will become worldfamous with your cooking movies'.

On cookingtricks-discovery journey in Oz

Although the superdudes and the sunlit beaches are catching somewhat my attention, there is more in my head than superficial thoughts. Because, what interests me truly... will I experience the promised cosiness from the Ozzy's? The laid-back attitude. The easy-going lifestyle. The practical jokes. The outdoor living. And then especially while eating. It seems that I have a lot to learn from the Ozzy's

Because to stay an attractiveness surfdude in Australia, you will have to work on your beachbody. I have already heard that they excercise a lot to stay in shape. With such a busy lifestyle they háve to take in a lot of energy, wherefore they don't drop off their boardies and will be eaten by the sharks. And actually, that is only possible by following a balanced diet with lots of nutritients!

I am curious if the Australian diet as balanced is as the way they are standing on their surfboard. What is their secret of eating good? And even more important: which tricks are they using to enjoy their food to the max without loosing their laid-back status? I am going to find out.

The laggard...

But first this... Maybe you think of Australia; holiday, sun - sea - beach, surfing, diving, etc. But for now I can only think of Silver, my Persian cat. This is my provisional last christmas holidays together with my cat Silver, with whom I share more than 12 years of good and bad times. Unfortunatly he cannot (for the time being) come with me, so I take the time to coddle without limits.

Watch my video about how I make a catfriendly (christmas) dinner.

Sorry, my cat only speaks Dutch...

As a cat owner - Good to think about the following - before you create a romantised image in your head of you and your cat on the beach, walking on a farm, heaving on the back of a horse - what it gets along with it to get your Dutch cat into Australie. Besides the many scary animals that seems to be there and the stress that your little fellow is going to go through, there is a though pricetag attached with it. It is an average of 350 euro for veteriancosts (vaccins, consults, etc.) 300 euro for an importpermission, fly- and quarantaine costst vlieg- for a minimum of 9 daysand also the transport from the quarantaine by a special company.

All with all it costs more than 1000 euro to take my cat with me. Okay, I would pay that money for my soulmate Silver, but... I was thinking if I should do this to my cat of age. Such a stressful time in quarantaine and the strugggles of having to get used to the warmer environment, despite the fact I will high probably be away all the time. And if I would start with vaccinate right now, he will be allowed to come with me after half a year - if we are lucky, beacuse of the mandatory downtime.

So, now Silver - the cool einzelgänger - is going to stay with my parents to make three new catfriends. Just a couple more weeks together. I, with my brilliant ideas (cough) had thought, to celebrate our last christmas together in style. Dining in style with my cat! A self-made catdinner. So, this is what I did this christmas. As a say goodbye to my cat Silver. Even if you don't have a cat... You can learn something out of it, because the trick that I use with it, you can also use it for dog food and even human food!

What kind of food you may give your pet

The intestinal tract of cats is not as long as in humans and mostly decorated in digesting protein foods. Meat and fish are no problem. What they have difficulty digesting is actually all carbohydrates, including sugar. Also, their kidneys are not so good against salt and you can imagine that spicy food is also not a great idea.

Obviously just asked the vet for advice. Who also said, \ "Do not be mad, because otherwise their stomach gets upset and she will soon sit at the diarrhea. If you want to do something, then do things that he at least lust. \ "Hence my choice of menu with a little imagination.

What I have made:

    Cat Brownies (also possible with dog food for dogs)
  • Cat Treats with tuna, cheese and parsley
  • A little bit whipped cream without sugar
  • Heaps of grated cheese (less salt than mature versions)
  • A quail egg as a mini chick
  • A drop of mayo

The trick I use: Wet things become crisp by drying them out. I did that with the cat brownies.

Of course, you do not just have to pamper your cat during these nice days. You can do it whenever you want, whenever you feel lonely or if you just want to do something for someone else without that the other party feels compelled to give something back. Because that's something that cats don't do! Well, maybe you will get a few extra hugs for the trouble. A moment of happiness with your cat.

Cat Brownies:

The cat brownies (because I found them looking more like brownies than cookies) are made of wet cat food (Gourmet mouse with beef) that I've brought into Christmas shapes. In the oven at mid-range (180°C or 356°F) dry until they are crispy (about 20 minutes).

Cat Treats:

The cat treats are made with a mixture of tuna (in water), young grated cheese (due to lower salt content than mature cheese varieties), an egg, and parsley (adds flavor but is not too strong or spicy). Just mix all with milk (or cat milk) and flour until you can almost make balls.

The quail egg as a mini chick:

The quail egg I boiled shortly, then you cut it horizontal at a third from the top and you spoon out the yolk. Then you mix the yolk with hipped cream and put it back again. After that you can make eyes of sesame seeds and a jaw of a small piece of carrot. Put the cap back on and you are off to go!

Text and photo's made by Xavy Aap.

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